Dear Friends

We certainly have had a splendid autumn so far and now the holidays are upon us.  Many thanks to our students as almost every class is sold out. For those of you that were unable to get in a class I have offered the recipes for sale

Since many of you live out of town or are unable to come to a class you can purchase the recipes (Ďa cooking class on paperí) for $10  with a credit card or check and we will email you the recipes.

To purchase simply go to the class calendar; you will see a link under the scheduled class that says RECIPES under that specific.  When it comes to the screen that asks " how many students" type in 1 and proceed with checkout. NOTE: if you are using an I-pad you may have trouble.

Have a wonderful autumn and holiday season

Best Regards and Bon Appétit!

Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor  



Laurel Run's Mission Statement
Our mission statement at Laurel Run Cooking School is to educate, excite and entertain. We want our students to learn new skills and gain confidence in the kitchen, we want them to go home excited about cooking, and we want to them to have fun! We are proud of our informative classes that are conducted in a down-to-earth, friendly atmosphere.

Laurel Run Cooking School is a Limited Liability Company