Dear Friends

Fall is in the air! It's perfect soup and bread weather! It is also a great time to shop at local Farmers Markets as they are filled with a variety of butternut and acorn squashes, pumpkins (and still some tomatoes too!). Just a half mile down the road from Laurel Run you will find Krieg's Roadside Market and Aufdenkampe's Family Farm, each loaded with fall color and wonderful produce. 

We are busy in the kitchen at the cooking school.  Take a look at these upcoming classes.

A TASTE OF THAI * 7 seats open

Tuesday, October 21 * 6:30pm-9:00pm

$48 * Demonstration

Chef Beth Funk

Thai food flavors are so vibrant they come alive with each bite.  Thai cooking has a balance of the four essential tastes: salty, sour, spicy, and sweet and is widely known for its rich and flavorful fresh curries (beyond curry powder). In this class we will explore the basics of red, yellow and green curry dishes.  Learn to make Spicy Shrimp Soup with Lemongrass, Sweet Pumpkin and Peanut Curry, Mussaman Beef with Jasmine Rice, Pork and Pineapple-Coconut Curry, Roasted Lime Chicken with Sweet Potatoes. Learn about the classic ingredients in the Thai pantry and where to buy them.


We hope to see you in Laurel Run's Kitchen! 
Marcia DePalma and Staff


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Come Experience Laurel Run!
Regardless of a persons skills or experience, anyone can learn something new and enjoy the rewards of fine cooking. Every class conducted at Laurel Run offers valuable cooking techniques and tips and appeal to all levels of cooking experience. The staff of experienced, knowledgeable cooking instructors and chefs will increase your cooking knowledge each time you are here. You not only go home with recipes, but you have the opportunity to taste, discover and understand new flavors and enjoy the delicious food prepared in class.

Laurel Run's Mission Statement
Our mission statement at Laurel Run Cooking School is to educate, excite and entertain. We want our students to learn new skills and gain confidence in the kitchen, we want them to go home excited about cooking, and we want to them to have fun! We are proud of our informative classes that are conducted in a down-to-earth, friendly atmosphere.

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